Christmas Gift Signups

Christmas Gift Program Signup Form

The Christmas Program is open to DHS/Child Welfare-certified community foster, adoptive, and relative care families residing in Jackson County. You must be a current JCFPA member to apply for Christmas Program gifts. Foster families certified through agencies such as Oregon Youth Authority, Family Solutions and Lithia Springs are not eligible. DHS-adopted or guardianship children only qualify if the adoption/guardianship was finalized within the last five years; verification is required.

By filling out this form, you agree to allow JCFPA to verify that you have not requested gifts from another gift program (for example: Salvation Army and Toys for Tots). Any member found to be requesting gifts from other programs will be expelled from our program and risk being expelled from the other programs.

  • No single gift should have a value of over $40. Those requests that exceed $40 will be rejected.
  • There is no guarantee that your child will receive the requested gifts. Substitutes will be made if necessary.
  • Please be as clear as possible (color, brand, store, or any other information)
  • We are unable to provide bicycles, diapers, wipes, or formula.
  • ONLY one gift card request per child.

Parents ONLY should fill out the form; try to keep the gift choices a surprise.

Fill out the form below to sign your children up. To sign up more than one child, just click the "Add Another Child" button. If you've already filled out this form before and need to sign up additional children, just fill it out again for those children.

E-mail Crystal Atteberry at or call her at 541-621-7451 with any questions.

The deadline for signing up is October 26.