Our Leadership

JCFPA is lead by a volunteer board that serves to support the caring families that give their time and love to foster children.

Email the entire board at one time. Email the Board

Executive Board

Executive leadership is a two year commitment.

President: Sharon Bowling Email – 541-890-4113

Vice President: Crystal Atteberry Email – 541-621-7451

Secretary: Monica Van Der Meer Email – 541-238-4640

Treasurer: Sheri Bowers Email – 541-326-9274

Non-Executive Board

Non-executive board member is a one-year commitment.

Sharon Ashker Email 541-826-5094

Shawna Robley Email 541-778-0174

Leah Ghena Email 541-821-5324

Christina Finke Email 612-423-6182

Kaley Olson Email 541-973-8641

Community Partners

Robert Rood Email 541-261-2711

Shelly Stewart Email 541-261-5836